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Screen Time before Bed has very little impact on mental health in teenagers, Oxford study concludes.

Screen time has little effect on teenagers ' mental health, despite fears about the impact later-night gaming or TV viewing is having on the worlds youth, a new study has concluded. 

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Scientists at the University of Oxford used data on more than 17,000 children from across Ireland, the UK and the US, mainly comprising teenagers but with some as young as eight.

Screen time has little effect on the psychological wellbeing of teenagers, regardless of whether they use devices for hours a day or just before bedtime, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University.

The team said they hoped their “clear-cut evidence” would counter misleading media reports and public debates about the dangers of screen time, and help calm anxious parents.

The researchers analysed three datasets and used more rigorous procedures than have been applied in previous tests, including both self-reporting of screen time and time-use diaries kept by the teenagers.

While the RCPCH released its own review concluding that the dangers of screen time had been overstated in January, they did suggest children should switch off screens an hour before bed. Davie argue's individuals can still suffer from excessive screen time, and noted “there are other reasons beside mental health for children to need a good night’s sleep”

RCPCH's guidelines for screen time: