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Locally, cyber crime is viewed as any crime committed, in full or in part, via a computer, network, or another computer enabled device.

Make sure you're cyber safe

Prevent Online Grooming: Keeping Your Family Safe (POG Training)

The 2 hour-session is delivered alongside Warwickshire County council's Prevent Officer to teachers, parents, carers and youth professionals around how young people can be groomed online. The session discusses the ways in which young people can be groomed and radicalised online and covers what signs there may be that a child/young person is being groomed, information on the latest social media apps and gaming trends to be aware of, an insight into the dark web, how groomers use social media to radicalise young people and help and support that is available.

Online Safety for Young People

The Cyber Crime Advisors also deliver an Online Safety for Young People presentation. The session focuses on safety on social media, online gaming and covers privacy settings, location sharing settings, passwords, image based sexual abuse (where age appropriate), and the risks of online grooming. The session also signposts where cyber-crimes are reported as well as where young people can seek further guidance and support.

General Cyber Safety Training

The Cyber Crime Advisors deliver General Cyber Safety training that cover all aspects of online safety and discusses cyber- crime that is most prevalent in Warwickshire. This training can last for up to 1 hour and includes areas such as what is cyber-crime, how to spot phishing emails, viruses, phone scams, online banking, contactless cards, passwords, social media safety, top ten tips and where to report to and seek support.

All training delivered is free of charge.

Cyber Crime Videos


Met Someone Online? They May Not Be Who You Think They Are…

Cyber Safe Warwickshire want you to be able to spot the signs of romance fraud and prevent you from falling victim. Follow these steps to protect yourself and share with others! If you've been the victim of a romance fraud, report to Action Fraud on their website or call 0300 123 2040.


It won't happen to me – How not to fall victim:

On Thursday 26 November the Cyber Crime Advisors were kindly invited to work in partnership with colleagues at IBM Warwick to produce a short 20 minute presentation offering information on how to spot the new and emerging COVID-19 related cyber scams, as well as prevention tips and resources to avoid falling victim.

Make sure you're cyber safe

Cyber Crime Advisor Posts

Two Cyber Crime Advisors were recruited to Warwickshire County Council using funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Cyber Crime Advisors will be responsible for delivering the Warwickshire Cyber Crime Action Plan on behalf of Warwickshire community safety partners. Their work will be countywide, with a focus on delivering initiatives to prevent and reduce risk of harm from cyber crimes to individuals.

By mapping the scope of the issues across Warwickshire, the Advisors will be able to establish the key messages for various groups of residents, in order to successfully raise the awareness of cyber-crime. Some initiatives to achieve these goals include the training of Victim Support Cyber Champions, who will be able to offer practical as well as emotional support to any victim of Cyber Crime.

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