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Cyber Champions, Could You?

Free training is being offered to individuals, groups and staff in Warwickshire to become cyber champions.

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The Warwickshire County Council Cyber Crime Advisers are offering the opportunity to receive free training to help spread awareness of cyber crime.

Cyber Champions are trained so they can spread awareness of cyber crime, how to prevent it and where to get support and report such issues. Cyber Champions will then be in a better position to protect themselves, friends, family and community members. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of IT or the internet to be a Cyber Champion. 

So Why Should you?

Being a Cyber Champion has many benefits including some of the following:

  •    Fun training that’s informative and useful personally and professionally
  • ·         Training that will educate you and hope to reduce your chance of         becoming a victim of cyber crime
  • ·         Is suited to anybody no matter what their skill level
  • ·         Nice certificate and evidence of continuing professional development

Chris Langman is now a Cyber Champion for his work helping keep people safe online. Chris has created several easy read information sheets on topics such as identity theft and being safe online. These easy reads help get key messages over to people with learning disabilities, dementia, mental health changes, limited literacy or limited english.

Chris also helps others at Henley Library to keep safe online. Chris does several things at the library including updating McAfee, Clearing history and gives guidance on email and searching on tablets, phones and laptops.

(Cyber Crime Adviser Sam Slemensek gives Chris his Cyber Champion Certificate)

What we ask of you?

The only thing we ask for in return is that you use the training to help spread awareness in your own way. This can be anything; examples might include giving advice to a friend or family member, sharing articles on social media about how to keep safe or help educate groups you work with on cyber crime. There is no pressure or formal requirement to do anything.

If you’re interested in becoming a Cyber Champion or want to receive a session on cyber crime please email