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Fake Action Fraud Tech Scams

Warning of Scammers Pretending to Be Calling From Action Fraud.


Action Fraud is making people aware that fraudsters are claiming to be from Action Fraud and contacting victims using automated phone calls in order to gain remote access to their computers and drain bank accounts. 

What is the Scam?

Victims are receiving cold-calls from fraudsters purporting to represent Action Fraud. When the calls are answered, an automated voice asks the responder to “press 1 if you have made a report to Action Fraud.” When the responder presses 1, they are transferred to a fraudster. 
Victims are informed that their computers have been hacked, which has led to their online bank account being compromised and funds being withdrawn. One particular victim was told that £40,000 had fraudulently left their account

The fraudster will ask for remote access to the victim’s computer, via a remote access tool. Once the fraudster has gained remote access to the machine, they are often also able to access the victim’s online banking – either with permission or without.
The fraudsters have used the names, “Officer John Thompson”, “David Jones” and have been using several different telephone numbers, with “02921328585” appearing on multiple occasions. 

Victims have later discovered that it was not Action Fraud that had contacted them and accessed their computer and banking systems

Top Tips

  • Even if the caller is able to provide you with details such as your full name, don’t give out any personal or financial information during a cold call.
  • Never grant the caller remote access to your computer, never go to a website they give you and never install software as a result of the call. 
  • Action Fraud does not use an automated machine to speak to victims of fraud. If you receive a suspicious call, hang up immediately. 
  • If you think your bank or personal details have been compromised, or if you believe you have been defrauded, contact your bank immediately.
  • Stop all communication with the caller, make a note of their details and report to Action Fraud.