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Apex Legends app download site tricks players with dodgy mobile version of the game

Cyber security discovered the first malicious app for the record-breaking video game, which is yet to be released on Android or IOS devices.


Hackers are attempting to cash in on the record-breaking popularity of Apex Legends, according to researchers who uncovered a fake app posing as an official mobile version of the new video game.

Cyber security firm Check Point discovered what it believes to be the first malicious app of the free-to-play battle royale game, which is currently not available as a download for Android or iOS devices.

Since launching just over a week ago, Apex Legends has attracted more than 25 million players, prompting comparisons to the viral success of Fortnite. Both games feature similar objectives and gameplay, though Apex Legends is not distributed on as many gaming platforms. 

Unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends can only be played on a PC, or consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

But the fake app calling itself Apex Legends is actually an adware downloader, researchers found, meaning the people behind it earn revenue through online advertisements shown to the victim. However, the researchers warn it could also be used to download malware or other more sinister content.

Cyber criminals behind the campaign are also supporting it through supposed 'tutorial' videos for Apex Legends on YouTube that lead to links to the malicious app.