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Online Radicalisation: Cyber Safe Advice

Be aware of extremism happening online. Vulnerability to extremist grooming and brainwashing via social media sites, chatrooms, texts and instant messages.

Online Terrorism

Social media is often used for research by extremists, making it easy for them to identify individuals who could be vulnerable to being radicalised.

How Extremist Content Is Accessed Online

  • Accidentally: someone may view videos/content online, but wind up on a completely different topic to where they started from. 
  • Curiosity: based on news stories, some may want to find out more information about an extremist group online, and view their website & social media channels. 
  • Seeking belonging: many people go online to find a community they can belong to and identify with. Radicalisers will play on this, and target vulnerable people to join their cause. 

How to Guard Against Online Radicalisation

  • While you may not come across content yourself, be aware that groups do publish videos, news articles, pictures etc. to draw people in - particularly those under 30. 
  • Rely on trusted news outlets for information. 
  • Keep an eye on family members, friends & others you think may be susceptible to radicalisation. Signs to look for include (but are not limited to):
    • Has their behaviour changed?
    • Has their physical appearance changed to fit in with a group? 
    • Have they become withdrawn or introverted?
    • Have their beliefs altered?
    • Are they making unusual travel plans?
    • Are mutual friends and acquaintances also concerned?

Prevent Online Grooming: Keeping Your Family Safe

Our Prevent Online Grooming sessions are designed to cover:

  • The grooming process

  • What signs there may be that a child/young person is being groomed

  • Info on the latest apps & gaming trends to be aware of

  • An insight into the dark web

  • How groomers use social media to radicalise young people

  • Help and support available to you

You can view available sessions we are holding across Warwickshire here. Alternatively, if your school parents group; youth professionals team; or frontline service wish to receive this FREE training at a time and date convenient for you; please email us at 

Reporting Terrorist & Extremist Material Online

If you come across terrorist and harmful extremist content online, report it to

If you are concerned about an individual, you should go through Warwickshire’s Channel Process. Channel is a key element of the Prevent Strategy. It is a multi-agency approach to identifying and providing support to individuals who are at risk of being drawn into terrorism.

For more information on the Channel Panel Process, and to view the Prevent Strategy in Warwickshire, please visit the Safe In Warwickshire website.