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Mobile Device Safety: Cyber Safe Advice

5 tips to consider across your devices.

Mobile Device Safety


  • Have a ‘lock’ to get into your device for better physical security
  • Simple swipe screen locks, even face recognition systems, are not secure. Thumb prints, passwords and patterns are  much stronger.


  • All smart devices need anti-virus software downloaded onto them
  • You can get anti-virus software for free, or for a paid amount. They generally do exactly the same thing (though some paid software covers issues such as spyware).
  • For more information on which anti-virus software may be best for your device, visit the Get Safe Online website.


Downloading rogue apps; or using websites which aren't legitimate, also pose a risk to our mobile devices.

  • Apple's App Store is referred to as a ‘walled-garden’, rigourously monitoring all apps before they are available to download, and keeping regular checks on them too
  • Other app stores are more of an ‘open market’, with less regulations and monitoring. This allows for apps with viruses or corrupt files attached to be downloaded onto your devices
  • To minimise the risk of downloading such apps, verify their legitimacy by looking up user reviews online
  • When you downloading an app, it should state the various phone functions it requires access to. Here, you can consider why apps would need access to device features – e.g. does a calculator app really need to access your contacts, camera and internet history?


  • Most devices have the location setting turned 'ON' as standard; or after you have used your device’s GPS and not turned it off
  • Leaving location settings 'ON' as you post on social media poses a risk for concerns such as stalking and burglary - as you may reveal your exact location when posting
  • Go into your settings and turn this feature off when it is not needed to stay as safe as possible (it may also extend the charge on your battery!)


  • When your device prompts you to update the software, do so as soon as possible
  • This makes the device less vulnerable to hacks, and as secure as possible