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EasyJet admits nine million customers hacked

EasyJet has admitted that a "highly sophisticated cyber-attack" has affected nine million customers.

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It said email addresses and travel details had been stolen and that 2,208 customers had also had their credit card details "accessed".

The firm has informed the UK's Information Commissioner's Office and is continuing to investigate the breach.

Millions of EasyJet customers' details of some sort or another have been accessed by hackers - but even more people now need to be vigilant.

Generally, personal details can be used by fraudsters to access bank accounts, open accounts and take out loans in the innocent victims' names, make fraudulent purchases, or sell on to other criminals.

The risks to those whose card details have been compromised are clear. Their provider should already have stopped the card, a new one will be issued, and they will need to sort out any regular payments coming from that card.