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Windows 10 Update: new PC software is removing files from people's computers, users say

'We're working on an improved version,' says Microsoft.

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A new Windows update appears to be removing files from users' PCs.

The failed update was supposed to bring security improvements, but instead led to serious issues for the computer users who installed it.

The update has since been pulled and will be replaced with an "improved version", according to Microsoft. But because Windows 10 updates itself automatically, many people may already have it on their computer.

Initially, reports suggested that the update included bugs that would affect the menus on the computer. Users said their start menu or desktop would switch back to their default settings, losing any customisation.

But since then more dramatic problems have emerged, with users saying that files on the desktop were not just being hidden but removed entirely.

The new updates have been pulled but users may still be affected if their computer downloaded them and has not been updated since.

The latest problem update is known as KB4532693, and Microsoft said it would be fixing it with another download.

"We’re working on an improved version of this update in coordination with our partners," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "Please see here for more details including a workaround."

The company did not say when the new version of Windows would arrive.

The new issues follows another update, known as KB4524244, which was recently pushed out and then pulled when it became clear it was causing similarly destructive problems on people's computers.