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The UK's Online Safety Behaviours Have Been Revealed!

Find out how Warwickshire residents compare to the rest of the country when it comes it cyber safety! 

40% of UK residents report to not having anti-virus on their devices

Action Fraud, the City of London Police, Cifas and Equifax have launched a new Identity Fraud Campaign with the hashtag #AreYouOneofThem.

A YouGov survey commissioned by Equifax reveals that people in the UK are aware that they need to improve their online safety but still aren’t doing so.

Identity fraud is estimated to cost the UK £5.4 billion per year.

172,919 people reported identity fraud to Cifas in 2016 with the reporting figures steadily rising since 2008.


National Online Safety Behaviours

  • 55% of people surveyed access public Wi-Fi that is not password protected.
  • 40% of people do not have antivirus software installed on their devices.
  • 27% of people use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • 32% admit that they are at risk to identity fraud because of their behaviour.
  • 31% of people think the over 60’s are the most at risk to fraud.

This shows that some UK citizens are still leaving their doors wide open to identity fraudsters. The #AreYouOneofThem campaign is urging people to be more vigilant to help protect themselves from fraudsters.

Warwickshire's Online Safety Precautions

Based off the latest cyber crime survey in Warwickshire (2017), local residents online safety behaviours include:

  • 44% of surveyed residents use secure Wi-Fi networks on ALL their devices
  • 88% used an up-to-date anti-virus software on one of their devices
  • 75% used strong, unique passwords for their online accounts
  • Only 6% reported to doing 'nothing' to improve their online safety on any device

So comparing our survey, to the national findings revealed today, it seems that Warwickshire residents are savvier online than the rest of the UK. But that doesn't mean we are at less risk to cyber criminals. Check out our advice on this site on what you can do to improve your online safety.

Report & Support

  • If you suspect you may have to any kind of scam, fraud or virus based attack, report it to Action Fraud
  • If you would like support as a result of becoming a victim of any crime, contact Victim Support on 01926 682 693.