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Patching: Cyber Safe Advice

Patching is another term used for ‘updating’ and is used when referring to your computer systems. These updates refer to the software that is on your computers and other devices.


Updating software is important but as well as releasing updates for security and other purposes, developers may release entirely new operating software.

Over time, support and updates for older programmes may be discontinued while focussing on updating more recent software, and developing new programmes.

An example of this is Windows XP, this stopped receiving updates in 2014. Therefore it is important to keep an eye on when your software may stop receiving updates so you can plan around this.

When To Update?

Software should be updated as soon as possible. It is a good idea to either set your system to automatically update when a patch is released or at least notify you when one is ready.

Doing this will reduce the likelihood of you falling victim to a hacker (or similar) based attack.