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Latest Netflix Scam Email Warning

The email claims your subscription will expire at the beginning of August unless details are updated

The email claims subscriptions will be cancelled unless personal details are updated

Beware of the latest phishing scam, which states:

"We could not process your latest Netflix bill
Dear... (your email address)

The payment for your latest Netflix bill failed. It appears that some of the billing details associated with your account have exipred (note the spelling errors). Your service is pending disconnection on: 1 August, 2017. To avoid interruption of service we strongly recommend that you update your billing details now. To update your billing details now click here."

Recipients who click on the link risk exposing their computers to viruses. They may also be directed to a bogus website where they are asked to reveal personal and bank details which are then stolen by the fraudsters.

Never respond to unusual emails, follow any links or open any attachments. Always delete them. When banking online or purchasing goods or services, always visit the correct website by typing the traders web address in to the web browser.

More information on what to look out for in scam emails can be found in the video below:

Additional advice in relation to phishing emails can be found in this article.