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Identity Theft Tops List of Crimes People Fear

ID theft and online crime among top crimes of concern in the UK - but simple safety steps can reduce your risk.

ID Theft and Online Crime Among Top Crimes of Concern in the UK - but simple safety steps can reduce your risk.

Identity theft has been revealed as the crime that people are most worried about. 24% of adults surveyed said they were concerned about becoming a victim to this crime type. 10% were worried about becoming a victim of any online crime.

The news comes just weeks after the scale of identity theft was said to be at 'epidemic' proportions

Those aged 55-75 are the most concerned by these crime types of all age groups, with 28% of this age group worried about identity theft, and 13% concerned about online crime.

One in ten over-75's said they were concerned about online crime, compared to less than 5% of young adults.

Regardless of your concern, by implementing some simple safety steps, you can reduce your risk of falling victim to identity theft and online crime. It is estimated that up to 80% of cases can be easily prevented.

Be Cyber Safe

Follow our top tips to reduce your risk of falling victim, highlighted in the video below: