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Holidaymakers urged to stop sharing holiday pictures in effort to reduce burglaries

Travellers advised to limit the holiday information they share online.


Law enforcement agencies have warned holidaymakers not to post holiday snaps on social media accounts while they’re away, to avoid alerting potential burglars to their empty properties.

The reminder comes as part of a European burglary initiative which aims to reduce the number of goods and cash stolen from homes while residents are absent. 

Travellers have been advised not to post status updates regarding travel plans and to refrain from posting pictures during their holidays, information that police say could be accessed by “unscrupulous people.” 

Holidaymakers have also been asked to “respect other people’s privacy” by not tagging them in photographs while still on holiday.

A study conducted by home interiors firm Hillary’s in 2018 revealed that one in 12 Brits had reported a burglary after posting details about their holiday on social media, with more than half tagging their location. 

The security firm ADT has also claimed that 78 per cent of burglars use Twitter and Facebook to target potential properties. 

They advise people not to accept Facebook friend requests from people they don’t know and to only post holiday pictures after returning home.